My Reaction to The Vesemir Anime on Netflix - The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

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The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf - Official Trailer Breakdown/Analysis [Netflix] - My reaction to the upcoming Vesemir anime film. Including the timeline, Countess Mignole and more.

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0:00 Vesemir Anime Incoming on Netlflix!
0:24 Trailer Analysis begins
0:35 Sexual Dimorphism
0:44 Kaer Morhen? Wolven Banners?
1:00 No Law of Surprise for Vesemir?
1:24 It's not Philippa Eilhart :(
1:33 What is this monster? Leshen? Wraith? Wraishen?
1:47 It's Filavandrel...
2:08 If you're skipping ahead to the interesting part...
2:21 Everyone in a Tub
3:01 Back to Beauclair...
3:15 The Wraishen's got to be a Leshen
3:27 Yennefer Wannabe
3:37 Is this a Manticore?
4:16 Boring trailer narration, can skip
5:19 Vesemir's build revealed
5:34 Is this an ALP?
5:48 What the sandwitch f is this coat of arms?
6:04 How is this possible? :O
6:22 [SPOILERS] When does this anime take place?
7:58 Where is Countess Mignole?

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